Na`Vi, FaZe, G2 and... BIG win DH Masters EU groups

Gijs Verhoeff
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With the last matches played yesterday, the inaugural group-stage at DH Masters EU is now concluded, and we can list the winners and losers. The two biggest winners are BIG and Mir. BIG because they went 3-0 in a group with MAD Lions, Complexity and Mousesports, and Mir because other than just being awesome, he's sitting on top of the stats leaderboard with an insane 1.38 rating for 7 maps. Next man up on Na`Vi?

The biggest losers are just as easy to identify: Mousesports and ENCE both went belly up in the groupstage, the former even managing to go 0-3, in what can only be described as a catastrophic fall from grace. Less of a loser is North and GODSENT that had high hopes, but tough groups, and had to bow out somewhat expectedly.

Fnatic managed to avoid ENCE and Mousesports' fate on the last day of play, but through no performance of their own. They were wholly dependent on Spirit beating GODSENT, something Mir almost singled handedly made sure of.

FaZe on the other hand, continues to impress, and even with bymas taking olofmeister's place and having little practice time, they managed to go 3-0.

DreamHack Masters EU resumes on June 8th, where the first portion of the lowerbracket will be played, while the two upperbracket semifinals will kick off on June 9th.

Upperbracket semfinals:

  • BIG vs. FaZe, Tuesday 9th
  • Na`Vi vs G2, Tuesday 9th
May 31, 2020

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