Natural Benched Killer (again)

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: MOUZ

10 weeks. 70 days. 10 series, 25 maps.

That’s how long NBK’s stand on MOUZ’s first team was, after the team announced he would be moved to the inactive roster with JDC replacing him. But... why?

MOUZ have been a bit rubbish in their start with NBK, and failed to get out of the group against a whole bunch of teams with stand-ins, which is definitely sub-optimal. But it was one event with the full team.

Why did you even sign the guy? You clearly had plans to move the academy team players up - completely understandably - so why waste their, yours, and Nathan’s time by signing him?

All of MOUZ’ players seem to have no issue with him (admittedly, by his own volition), though Sycrone cryptically suggested that “JDCs (sic) attitude, positivity and communications” were what they needed - potentially suggesting NBK didn’t bring those.

If the plan was always to call up JDC and/or xertioN later - something we would have advocated - it makes no sense to sign NBK. If this is a spur of the moment thing, then what exactly could he have done wrong in that timeframe?

Also, you made a big thing about how NBK brought leadership and a loud voice that dexter struggled with bringing, so why on earth did you not try changing dexter out and having NBK lead?

It’s all so bizarre. No wonder NBK was upset.

We wouldn’t have ever signed NBK in the first place, but once you do, you must have had some sort of idea, plan, concept of how it was going to go. What changed?

It feels like we’re asking a lot of questions on this story instead of providing you answers. But that’s because... we don’t have any.

March 20, 2022

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