NaVi is a 3-headed monster

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Na`Vi

Uh oh, someone upset s1mple.

We'll take some responsibility for joking that NaVi might be the fourth best team in the CIS region, and suggesting their reign was over, but some of the blame should go to Gambit for beating them earlier on in DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

Not only did you upset s1mple, you seem to have awoken electronic. He'd been dormant for the last few months, but he went a bit crazy in the grand final. Perfecto looked like he didn't even need to join the server - he got 29 kills in a 3-0 win, but it didn't matter.

NaVi blew Gambit out of the water in the final, with the triple threat of B1t, electronic and s1mple popping off, but it was the aforementioned Perfecto who combined with s1mple to eviscerate Heroic's chances of winning the tournament, in an incredible semi-final comeback.

s1mple, as ever, went +33 in the semi-final, and +23 in the grand final. He just can't stop choking those important games, huh?

B1t has revolutionised this team, and this kid is seriously good. Flawless mechanics and a quickly adapting brain make the youngster one of the most feared in the world right now.

For Gambit, it's hardly time to panic. Another near perfect tournament, except this time they fall at the final hurdle to one of the greatest duos the world has ever seen. It happens.

Maybe they should worry a little bit that sh1ro struggled in the final, but the best in the world have fallen to s1mple.

MSL didn't when he was AWPing, but he's just built different.

May 9, 2021

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