NBK fail in Major bid

Phillip Rasmussen
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When people tell you that it’s impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, we’d like to quietly point out that NBK has led a dozen different players to the top of CS in the last 10+ years.

The hitherto French kingmaker hasn’t found international success lately, but with Falcons he has built the best full French lineup by picking up players that didn’t make it in T1. Even better: he’s molded them into a force to be reckoned with, getting within one game of qualifying for Rio.

And that’s the end. They couldn’t have been smashed harder than Outsiders did on Dust2 and Inferno, where the French team got a combined 12 rounds. JAME and co. took the ticket to Rio, while Falcons, well.. at least they’re the best French team that isn’t Vitality.

It’s probably for the better unless you’d have wanted to look at this filthy thing for the next month.

Elsewhere BIG fumbled their way to a Major ticket, despite doing almost everything in their power to lose the match against K23. Had it not been for a syrsoN masterclass on Dust2, it’d have been five Russians and not five Germans punching the ticket.

In general, it was a really bad day to be a Russian. Which you could argue, it probably is anyway these days. But yesterday was definitely brutal as both 1WIN and forZe lost 2-2 games against FNATIC and Bad News Eagles to get denied the chance for an overseas journey to Brazil.

MOUZ and GamerLegion also punched tickets to the Major over the weekend. Mousesports beat Sangal in a tight thriller, while GamerLegion rid themselves of B8 in two quick maps.

Whereas the expectation was for MOUZ to qualify, GamerLegion weren’t high on anyone’s list of qualifiers.

But spearheaded by a red-hot acoR, GamerLegion have looked like one of the most interesting sides all event. Their only losses were against FaZe in quadruple overtime and Spirit in double overtime, while they managed to beat G2 2-1 in their 1-2 game.

October 9, 2022

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