NBK is ambitious, at least

Elliott Griffiths
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  • We're now able to see our teammates crosshairs when we're dead. A useless update for us, we're never dead.
  • Danish mother-daughter duo of the Tromborg family made this stunning artwork for olofmeister. It's beautiful; though, that's not very Danish of you...
  • The delightful Frankie Ward will be playing in the Lucifer Charity Cup in the Netherlands.
  • yam has joined Chiefs as a coach, while Chaos have picked up Xeppaa and leaf to replace SicK and cam.
  • A bunch of players were kicked from FPL this week for a variety of reasons, but Aunkere's removal was one of the ones that hit the hardest.
  • Some of them we're less sympathetic of.
  • If you're looking for a new guy to help your team out, LOMME is looking for freelance work.
  • CSGO is the biggest, and best, game of all time - and the numbers show it. [reader credit Typho]
  • NexusNation made £1800 for the NHS - the UK's national healthcare system - by streaming some video games. A TLDR reader was involved, which makes us proud. We always knew games were good for us. [reader credit Moisty]
  • summit1g lost his sponsorship with Monster after accidentally showing a bong on stream. Drugs are bad, kids.
April 19, 2020

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