NBK will continue playing for DBL Poney

Gijs Verhoeff
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Some five years ago - when a much younger and much naiver napz started watching Counter-Strike - one of the first teams he supported was EnVyUs. One player in particular attracted his young CS:GO discovering mind. His name? Nathan "NBK" Schmitt. What a mistake.

Little did he know he would be watching disappointment after disappointment, with his love for the team dying with the departure of KennyS and aforementioned "Natural Born Killer".

If only he had held on to that love for NBK though, maybe then he would've been excited to see him do so well in DBL Poney, and excited at the prospect of him staying on for just a little longer. That maybe would've him more blind for the conflict of interest that arose between OG and NBK, the latter still being under contract with the former. Maybe...

Although apparently that's been resolved now, with Valve, OG, DBL Poney, and NBK all coming to an agreement. This of course perfectly sets him up to get revenge against his former team, possibly denying them some major Major points. Either way, we prefer this timeline. Supporting mousesports was the better choice, right?

May 6, 2021

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