Need more? Week four!

Elliott Griffiths
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Congratulations sailor! You made it to week four of Pro League.

It wasn’t exactly a struggle to muscle past three straight weeks of CSGO, even if Group C was... less tasty than the rest.

But you deserve a reward regardless, so you get to see s1mple stomp on the throat of the best Denmark and North America has to offer.

NAVI and Heroic stand out in an otherwise mediocre group. Honestly, we’ll never get used to Heroic not being considered one of the mediocre teams. Alas, compared to Astralis, they are a top tier team.

Nah, it just doesn’t sound right.

Though NAVI’s start to the year has been underwhelming - for good reasons - we can’t see a world where three of these teams finish above them. Heroic might, Astralis could fluke it, but which of Complexity, Evil Geniuses or AGO are also doing it?

Astralis will be playing with farlig, giving us a first glimpse of their newest attempt to recapture the glory days, while EG will be playing with their normal roster, who are also desperately trying to recapture the glory days.

Of being the 5th best team in the world.

Complexity meanwhile have a real opportunity. While we’re not expecting much from AGO or EG, Complexity are a team who can do something.

They won’t, but they can.

First and second place are probably settled; but the race for third between Complexity, Astralis and whichever of AGO or EG doesn’t go 0-5, will be juicy.

March 27, 2022

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