New rankings have Akuma in an interesting spot

Elliott Griffiths
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Wake up honey, new HLTV rankings.

NaVi are the second best team in the world. At least until next month, 'cause they aren't at IEM Summer - though that might work in their favour, the way some of the teams have been playing.

mousesports climb up to 6th, which is kinda refreshing. We're in the 'are mouz FINALLY consistently good?' stage of the year, so we're only a few months from the 'wait mouz are just rubbish' stage of the cycle. G2 are up to 4th, which seems about right - they've been fantastic recently.

FNATIC and EG limp into the top 30, but it can't be long before FNATIC drop out, though EG should survive.

The big climbers are O PLANO, Fiend and... sigh Akuma. We're tired of talking about Akuma, but they did climb 118 places and through no controversy whatsoever.

June 12, 2021

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