NiKo is a rifler, guys

Elliott Griffiths
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"We made it to the BLAST Premier Spring Final!"

Yes, NiKo, but would it cost you?

"My AWPing allotment :("

That's right, all it took for G2 to finally make it a final was AmaNEk AWPing, degster having one of the worst maps he's had since joining Spirit and a complete lack of composure from Spirit near the end of the game.

But we're not biased or anything.

Honestly, all credit has to go to G2. Not only did they manage to overcome Spirit, they did so by taking them down on Dust 2, which nobody else has done since January. Fair play. Turns out having NiKo back rifling alongside huNter- with someone else on the sniper rifle might be a good idea.

Their opponents will be another CIS team. Gambit. You might have heard of them. They're kinda 'in' right now. They exacted revenge on the best Danish team, Heroic, by taking them down 2-1 thanks to - take a guess - sh1ro going massive.

Yes, it did hurt to call Heroic the best Danish team.

Of course, this revenge isn't quite as good when it's a semi-final vs a final, but not all revenge can be served cold. Sometimes you have to just win a semi-final. How awful.

We would just win both, but we are built different.

April 18, 2021

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