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Gijs Verhoeff
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🌚 In a darker timeline…

  • … NiKo could’ve played in India. Could you imagine?
  • Don’t get us wrong we love the work from MultiH, but can you think of a world where Valve sell out and start selling CS:GO LEGO sets? Full monetization arc.

📊 Stats for days brother

  • ZywOo’s skill is not so skillful after all? Clickbaity enough for you?
  • Who’s been sh*t and who hasn’t been since covid, all packaged up into one article. We love it.

🔭 Scouting’s become easier

  • Recently launched DemoDive allows all of you to find that one specific round you’re looking for. Still can’t find the round where we played well though.
  • Ever wanted to quickly know what kind of player you’re buying? CSGOscouting has got you covered. We’re the ultra-support type.
  • We’ve always wanted to know what BNE do well and now we have this amazingly written article by not on of our own to explain it to us. Yippie!
May 4, 2023

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