NiKo too big for Aleksib, maybe

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Fuffy Source: PGL / Stefan Petrescu (aleksib, niko)

It’s been no secret that Outsiders have been splitting up; we mean for crying out loud, Qikert gave an interview before the Major talking about the CIS shuffle. Which probably implies there’s a bit more going on than just VP/Outsiders.

But YEKINDAR’s potential destination has been much more shrouded in mystery - until now.

Queue the dramatic music.

OverDrive, who, if you’re unaware, is an extremely reliable journalist when it comes to CIS news, believes that G2, Team Liquid and OG are all keen on the idea of bringing in the loveable Latvian rogue.

OG, incidentally, would also like to add jks to their ranks. They’ve been on the HLTV forums, clearly. Every team should just pick up jks and YEKINDAR and everything will be okay.

For OG, he would obviously replace the outbound valde; for Liquid, it would be shox (as was revealed this past Thursday. It’s been a mad week, so you’ll have to forgive us for the narrative whiplash.

For G2, it would be… erm, JACKZ?

There’s been no leaks as to JACKZ leaving, no information on Aleksib and there’s no chance it’s any of the others. NiKo and huNter just signed new deals, and m0NESY cost ‘em $600k.

Like, surely, SURELY they’re not removing Aleksib to put NiKo back into the IGL role again?

Here we fcking go again.*

May 22, 2022

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