Ninja’s vanishing trick

Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: PGL

They say being a ninja is a dying occupation, and the world’s lost another.

Es3tag, the Dane who was brought in to make dev1ce hap- we mean for his cs acumen, has been kicked from NIP. This change has been predicted for a while now, come on, no one seriously expected REZ to remain the AWPer did they?

With Astralis and Heroic both settled, you have to wonder where es3tag will end up. He himself has said he’ll take some time to “properly gauge what’s next”. This means it’ll probably be a while until we see the ex-ninja’s newest venture. Leaving an even bigger ninja-shaped hole in the world.

But fret not ninja lovers, es3tag will be replaced, and the world will gain one more ninja. Though that does beg the question: Who will replace him?

There are only a few available AWPers actually good enough for tier 1, one of them being Mantuu. He tweeted “all I want for Christmas” right as the news of es3tag leaving dropped. Unfortunately, he’s still held by the curse of UKCS, so he’s tweeted “nvm” since.

The reason for this follow-up? It looks like the new ninja might not be so sneaky. Headtr1ck, who’s currently on the Na’Vi academy bench, has started following everyone in the NIP organization he’s been able to find. Coincidentally, he’s also an AWPer.

Are we saying that social media follows are a good way to gauge any roster information? No. otherwise, Messi would’ve joined Chelsea at least 4 times by now.

What is a good way to gauge roster move information though is by following Luis Mira, and he’s come out and said NIP are interested in Headtr1ck. For once, the following tab came out on top.

The move makes sense, after all a ninja’s illusion is nothing but a trick in your head.

December 22, 2022

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