NIP issues a beatdown on Team Liquid

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Is oSee a top five player? Well, not according to Liquid’s game against the Ninjas in Pajamas.

TL faced off against the Ninjas on Thursday in a best-of-three, just a day after Liquid 2-0d Heroic on the back of a brilliant performance by the young AWPer. oSee was as good as he’s been all pro league, with an eventual 1.24 rating and 41/25 kda according to hltv.

On Thursday, though, he and his whole team looked mortal. It was an agonizingly close series, with the first two maps going 16-14 in either direction and the third ending in a 16-12 win for NIP but concerningly, oSee was quiet.

His highest rating of the day, 1.06, was also his only positive according to HLTV and in both lost maps, his rating was .8 or below. Those make his lost maps Thursday his lowest and third-lowest ratings of the entire tournament.

On the NIP side, finding star power wasn’t as hard. Three members ended the series with a positive rating and star player REZ was absolutely on point, leading the team in all three maps and having no rating below 1.26.

It’s a disappointing end to the tournament for the North American lineup who, at times, looked genuinely good. They looked better than the 21st best team in the world, their current spot in the HLTV rankings, and even though this loss is demoralizing for North American fans, this is a team with genuine promise. (Please, TL, don’t make me regret saying that.)

Meanwhile, NIP moves on to face a surging ENCE in what is sure to be an interesting battle; ENCE looked good despite dropping a map to Movistar Riders. NIP will be the underdogs Saturday in that game but maybe, just maybe, that’s where they want to be.

April 7, 2022

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