NiP merge (but not with a fifth player)

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: NIP

Anyone like Chinese League of Legends?

No, we didn't think so. But if you're an NiP fan you might have to pretend soon, or at least clarify that you're not, 'cause they've merged with 'Victory Five' and the LPL team will be rebranded under the Ninja's banner.

Guess that $1m on device was a drop in the ocean; that won't have been cheap. Which begs the question: why is LNZ still playing for your CSGO roster?

You spend that much money on a superstar, play him with some academy kids for a bit and then drop millions on a League of Legends team? There's a bunch of PR talk about how V5 will "help us get those stories out to the fans", but it seems they've had no issues telling tales to them in the past.

Alright, we'll stop the jokes. It's pretty good for esports as a whole and for NiP themselves, it's a massive move. Won't stop you getting roasted by fnatic, though.

And it won't get us to watch League of Legends.

August 15, 2021

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