NIP win custody of Brollan

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: NIP

NIP have always been a little bit behind the times.

They realised GeT_RiGhT was washed about two years after everyone else, signed es3tag after we all gave up on him being good, and now this. Brollan is now an NIP player; with the rest of the bloody country.

They’re bringing back the six/seven/god knows how many rosters of yesteryear, like they’re flared trousers or Cobblestone. Oh, dear reader, you assumed NIP would just cut Plopski for Brollan and chill ‘til device gets back?

Silly you. They’re going for the, uh, ‘fluid roster’. Whatever that means. calc clarified... absolutely nothing, by saying nobody would be getting cut.

Regardless of the complete opacity coming from the org, this is a really positive move for NIP. Brollan is absolutely one of the best players in Sweden, if not the best, and is still really young.

He’s a legitimate upgrade on most of the players in NIP, and will be great for maintaining the brand of staying as a Swedish team. For all the dunking on NIP we enjoy doing, this move is a really strong one.

At least assuming they actually bother to play him instead of Plopski or es3tag, that is.

For fnatic, they’ve announced that poizon and Peppzor will be staying on their roster for now; despite the reported €600k they just made off of selling Brollan. Instead, they’re going to put it towards whoever the next good English player is.

So we’ll see their new roster in IEM Cologne. 2026.

March 24, 2022

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