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Phillip Rasmussen
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Swiss groups at Majors and Major qualifiers have historically been like playing Minesweeper blind for the favourites; you never know when you might face off against this season’s Quantum Bellator Fire and get your ass kicked.

The start of the EU RMR qualifier was easy sailing however.

The closest we got to an upset was NAVI dropping 12 rounds to QUAZAR, but other than that, none of the lower seeds got to double digits.

As expected the OG vs MOUZ matchup was the most interesting, but the latters’ lack of a stand-out star player left them wanting in the end.

While OG ended with 3 players on positive K:D, MOUZ only had frozen with more kills than deaths, and in the end that difference was key in OG’s 16-12 victory.

First round results:

  • Heroic > forZe
  • Outsiders > Unique
  • FaZe > Eternal Fire
  • Fnatic > GamerLegion
  • Vitality > Dignitas
  • BIG > sAw
  • OG > MOUZ

ropz inspire FaZe comeback

We said it on Friday. Either FaZe or NAVI might very well screw up their favourite status and miss a flawless 3-0 in the groups, and FaZe almost managed to in the 2nd game.

Facing off against Vitality, the EPL champions were down 8-13 on Mirage as CT, but through an unreal hold by ropz, they managed to break Vitality’s stride and take 8 of the last 9 rounds to win it 16-14.

Elsewhere XANTARES turned on a classic carry-performance for Eternal Fire, who denied Dignitas a similar comeback on Vertigo after double overtime and a weird bomb bug. The retirement home is now 0-2 and got their back against the wall.

Possibly inspired by stavn’s 1.99 rating performance against Fnatic, s1mple decided not to be outshined and simply speedran NAVI’s game against OG. 26-6 and 2.22 rating for the Ukrainian in the team’s 16-5 thrashing of OG, and MOUZ-fans will have to ask themselves if they were the lucky ones for not getting that pummeling.

Second round results:

  • FaZe > Vitality
  • Eternal Fire > Dignitas
  • Heroic > Fnatic
  • NAVI > OG
  • forZe > GamerLegion
  • BIG > Outsiders
  • sAw > Unique

If you’re looking for a breakdown of all the scores, upcoming matches and standing in the RMR, be sure to head over this amazing site by HLTV, which has everything you need. Well, except your friendly TLDR-editors of course.

April 17, 2022

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