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Gijs Verhoeff
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🎭  Drama

  • Apparently CLASIA was a bit of a buzzkill for EG.CD
  • Astralis were a tiny bit naughty and convened with HUNDEN to talk strats. It may not be forbidden, but it’s at least morally questionable.
  • We love it when Carlos roasts himself. We love it even more when he roasts others by roasting himself.

🚀  Taking the game to another level

  • Dosia and AdreN aren’t scared of defusing a bomb, even in real life.
  • Imagine having to ask your teammate if they’re playing from a grocery store
  • The hardest level for any gamer: social interactions. Our tips are: be cool, be nice, and don’t - under any circumstances - tell her about your skin collection. Unless she asks about it. In that case, put a ring on it.
  • If anything, don’t worry: even the biggest gamer out there - karrigan - got married eventually.
  • And now boombl4 isn’t the only NAVI player with a mixtape. We’re pumping s1mple into our ears for all future DM sessions, it’s official.

🛠️⚠️  Updates and repairs

  • You can’t have missed the rank recalibration update. Is this the Great Reset everyone’s been talking about?
  • If you can’t figure out why Valve updated the ranks, here’s some rank distributions to help you along.
  • ESIC tried fixing some of the slightly unfair coaching bans, but Valve won’t budge.
  • Speaking of fixes: Valve could use Statman NER0’s work to figure out which positions on which maps might need a rework. Or it could just be an interesting read.
August 14, 2022

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