No reply, no vacation

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

Have you ever tried to organise anything via WhatsApp?

We have, and it was like trying to herd cats, or matchmaking teammates. Thankfully, when it comes to big decisions in esports, they wouldn’t try and do that.

Anyway, the CSPPA ‘agreed’ on a player break date, with player representatives and TOs all harmoniously agreeing on the early June-early July dates.

Apart from all of the players who said they were never told about any of this in the replies, of course. Apart from them, it was completely harmonious.

According to who quoted ChrisJ as saying ‘literally nobody spoke up about it’, it was communicated via a WhatsApp chat where ‘approximately five players’ said it was kosher.

That’s good then.

The rest of them didn’t respond, and the first they apparently heard of it was on Twitter.

We’re not really sure what to say. We can’t really blame the CSPPA for players not reading the WhatsApp chat, but we can blame them for thinking that was ever going to work.

Mind you, someone was going to complain whatever the outcome was, so it’s a pretty thankless task.

July 3, 2022

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