No rest for the wicked - DH Masters kick off

Gijs Verhoeff
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Source: Dreamhack

Even though all the matches are being played over the interwebz, we're getting quite fatigued with all these matches. And that's likely true for players as well.

As an example, Astralis played the Road To Rio Grand Final less than 48 hours before they square off vs Heroic in DH Masters. Are you ready for an upset? Not only that but G2, who are also in the final of RtR, are playing North on Tuesday as well.

If you thought 19 Danes in a group is wee bit too much, think again. Because that's exactly what's about to go down in Group A on the European side of things. Now of course it could've just been Astralis with what will eventually be their final form, but it's actually three banging derbies between Astralis, Heroic and North.

And with an ex-Astralis player in North - we can confirm, you're not the only one who forgot about CajunB - and two ex-Heroic players now in Astralis, things are about to get feisty. It's like the French scene all over again.

On the other side of the pond, in the NA counterpart of DreamHack Masters Spring, we'll see yet another national derby. FURIA and MiBR are in Group A, and set to face each other on day two of the tournament. Que ota for FURIA?

A different storyline for that matchup, is the recent rumors about meyern and whether or not he's still a part of MiBR. With trk set to replace him according to reports, we'll just have to wait and see who's playing when. At this point MIBR could set up a game of bingo with every South American youngster*, and still only be second best in Brazil.

May 18, 2020

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