No sport mode, no party

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Moses doesn't have sport mode on on HLTV, so he took to Twitter to call out the forums for the embarassment that it is, and HLTV for ignoring the problem. 0/8 nt kkkkkk
  • Unsurprisingly, the ranking system ESL used for the Cologne invites is sub-par according to players that are not invited, and steel went after ESL on Twitter. It's not like there isn't a better alternative out there that has taken years to develop and perfect, right?
  • And more from steel, but this time he gives us insight in to what he feels will invigorate the NA scene.
  • Reddit user axtgr dropped a bomb on us by sharing about 800 Gigabytes worth of CS 1.6 and older fragmovies, models, maps and more. Get the Delorean, we're rolling through Throwback Avenue.
  • Renegades player malta shared in an interview how the pandemic has affected Counter-Strike down under, and how it has basically reset their progress.
  • ESL have appointed a new co-CEO, called Craig Levine. We thought he was still with Maroon 5, but turns out it's a different Levine, this one built Team 3D, the first US super-team.
  • Friend of the newsletter and editing guru Anthony Perfetto called out Dexerto for using footage without permission. Our grandma always told us stealing was bad, Dexerto...
  • Former CEO of Epsilon Greg Champagne apparently still owes Broky salary money, after almost a full year.
  • sAw have won Season 34 of ESEA Advanced, meaning they will play in MDL next season, and can join the club of teams that speak Portugese and are probably better than MIBR.
July 23, 2020

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