North America? PUG yeah

Elliott Griffiths
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Are you from US, Canada or Mexico and like CSGO?

If so, our condolences. But more importantly, the CSC (Counter-Strike Confederation) is an amateur CS league that's both fun and a little bit competitive that we think is really cool. They haven't offered to pay us, or anything. It's just a cool idea.

It doesn't matter what your rank is, either. Any skill level is sweet with tiers for each level of player and there's a draft system for people to make their teams. It's free, so if you've got an hour every Tuesday and Thursday to play some video games, it might be worth taking a look.

It's all run in Discord, with GMs drafting players to make the teams balanced. If you don't want to play but the idea excites you, you can still join and maybe be a GM yourself, or just help with production. Just... don't be a bozo, especially if we sent you. It's all friendly over there.

April 8, 2021

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