North wins the TLDR derby

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by: NovaH. Photo by: Dreamhack / Jennika Ojala

Flying Dutchman? More like crying Dutchman. aizyesque came out on top over napz in the game nobody else dubbed the TLDR writers derby, as North 2-0'd mousesports.

One Dutchman did go flying, though. Flying straight off the map. That play basically summed up mouz yesterday - they were mostly bland and insipid, but at times, power-throwing. Even the North players were left confused, as they found out after exactly what had happened.

mouz started off on fire, and raced into an 8-3 lead, but a cajunb and Kjaerbye-led recovery got North a respectable 6-round T side on Vertigo. On the new new new Vertigo, that's not too bad - or so the Vertigang tell us.

gade denied w0xic a highlight play by pulling off one of his own, stunning mouz with the 1v2 clutch after aizy got North into the round with a double. From there, North flourished, with Kjaerbye being an impenetrable wall on the CT side, and North sneaked a 16-14 win.

It's weird to describe a 21-year-old as 'rolling back the years', but Kjaerbye really did, crushing mouz on both maps. He took 24 names on both maps, while megamind MSL took down 43 himself - a stellar performance from the IGL on the AWP.

It looked like it mightn't go North's way when a weak grenade explosion left chrisj alive to 1v2, but MSL got revenge with a 1v2 of his own later on.

April 26, 2020

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