Nothing (much) in Prizemoney

Phillip Rasmussen
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Ninjas in Pyjamas is such a weird team. And we’re not just talking about them spending $1,000,000 on device, only to let him sit out without telling anyone why. No, it’s more that anything they do on the server, is as baffling as what they do off it.

Take IEM Cologne for example.

They 2-0 Heroic, get 2-0’d by NAVI, then proceeds to beat G2 2-1 and gets reversed swept by MOUZ in the final game before hitting the playoffs. It makes no sense.

In a way NiP is perfectly balanced. They’re either complete dogshit or borderline amazing.

Coincidentally that’s also the best way to describe their ESL Pro League groupstage. They lost three matches 0-2 in a row, then beat Endpoint 2-0 and had a chance at qualifying if they could beat NAVI without losing a map.

And according to plan they won Inferno 16-8,before losing Mirage 9-16. Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit.

Elsewhere Spirit are just a ghost of themselves. They beat NiP and Endpoint, but didn’t get a map against any of the playoff teams. Endpoint ended up bottom of the group, but they weren’t far away from making it out.

A resounding 2-0 win against NAVI was their only victory, but overtime losses against NiP and Spirit did point in a positive direction.

No such thing for NiP however, who must worry that it’s not only their failed investment in device that isn’t paying off.

Eliminated from Group A: 🇪🇺 Endpoint, 🇷🇺 Spirit and 🇸🇪 NIP.

September 4, 2022

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