Now we know why PGL's sound ain't great

Gijs Verhoeff
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😵‍💫 Major fails

  • It wouldn’t surprise us if this was actually the PGL audio guy and he’s just mocking us at this point.
  • Biggest fail of this major? Thorin.

🃏  Shuffle your decks

  • MIBR started off the post-major shuffle after they benched WOOD7, promoting brnz4n in his place.
  • Definite winners of the next Major (this sentence is sponsored by UK CS) Endpoint are down one as BOROS chooses to explore other options.
  • Almost a full two months after having played his first game for the team, MOUZ NXT have finally officialized their Jimpphat addition.

😄 Fluffy fluff to fluff up your day

  • Watching the crowd go back and forth is one of the best parts of the Major so far. Keep it up kings!
  • It’s okay G2 fans, we at tl;dr are mainly North, MOUZ, and NA fans. We know the feeling.
  • Apparently downloading s1mple’s config not only doesn’t instantly make you as good as him, but also tanks your fps.
May 22, 2022

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