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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: OG

When valde said he was leaving OG due to them wanting to go a more developmental route, he meant it.

That’s not flaming them; in fact, quite the opposite. While many seek instant success, it takes a level of bravery and willingness to forfeit immediate victory to make some HLTV users slurp some humble soup later on.

OG replaced the Danes (valde and niko) with F1KU and NEOFRAG, two youngsters who have at times tormented the top tiers. NEOFRAG was widely considered the crown jewel on the SINNERS line-up, while F1KU once 40 bombed Evil Geniuses in regulation.

Okay, yeah, it was only EG - but he’s also only 18. There’s plenty to work with there - but OG probably aren’t going to be challenging for trophies just yet.

Not that they ever were. That’s why going this route makes sense - they were never that good anyway.

  • OG also announced an academy team, that was originally rumoured to involve a UK player, but they clearly thought better of that.
  • Another Polish change occurred over at Anonymo, with tudsoN making way for Flayy.
  • Rejin has seemingly landed on his two feet again, taking a coaching job at Endpoint.
May 29, 2022

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