OG can't stop soiling their own sheets

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: Giphy (kangaroo)

sigh... OG, man.

Even we, as people who don't really want OG to succeed just so we look smart, are surprised by OG's continuous disappointment. A best of one victory over Team One was the only map they took as they bombed out of the IEM Cologne Play-In stage, losing 2-0 to BIG - fair enough? - and then 2-0 to Renegades - maybe less so.

The loss to BIG came despite valde picking up 40 kills on a single map, in just one overtime. How angry would you be? Leave North to join a super team, and then the same thing happens to you.

Maybe Aleksib is just a more attractive MSL after all.

Without the MVP trophy, obviously.

mousesports did it for EU, and kicked out EG to leave Team Liquid as the only NA representatives in the main tournament. Except like, RUSH on Complexity, and Twistzz. I bet they'll try and claim s1mple, too. He used to play for Liquid.

Anyway, ropz is back on LAN. He's, like, really good. Even when EG got themselves in unloseable positions, ropz would somehow win them. God, how good is it that LAN is back?

Spirit needed something absolutely heinous from degster to wake them up as they were slipping in their decider against Sprout, as he noscoped three to pick up the Russians from the hole they found themselves in. They recovered, and took the map.

FaZe were extremely convincing as they beat EG and 2-0'd Complexity, while NiP looked very clean in their takedown of mouz. Bad News Bears did... not look good. Swisher put up a hilarious 0.00 Impact rating against mouz, and LDLC dumped them out unceremoniously.

MIBR choked big leads against Spirit and then Renegades as they fell out early. They also lost to Young Ninjas yesterday, so it's hardly surprising.

July 8, 2021

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