OG disappoint AGAIN

Elliott Griffiths
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Anyway, there was some actual CS played that did count, and OG and FaZe won't be getting any rematch.

OG just can't stop being disappointing. Like weather at a barbecue, Vertigo in a best of three or a RyanAtRBM tweet - every time you think they might be okay, they let you down.

They went out 0-2 to Vitality, who have had their own problems, but they also have their own solution. You can guess who topfragged, and you'd be right.

rain, on the other hand, did not top frag. He went -30 against a team with Spiidi and denis, as FaZe bombed out by losing to Sprout. That's a hard yikes.

How is this team so bad? We're... not sure. There's no discernible reason they should be THIS bad.

Maybe you could ask tr4ktor in our discord, who is clearly a savant. He knows something we don't, for sure.

Join us in Discord.

HYENAS lost their opening game, but didn't get chance to absolutely smash NiP because that game needs to be replayed. We don't want to talk about them losing. It's not entirely surprising that a team who haven't played any officials lost to FPX, but it hurts all the same.

May 16, 2021

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