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flameZ from OG stonks

Illustration by Crash_ Source: flameZ

This week, the final lineup for the BLAST Pro Series Spring Finals was decided and OG was one of the first teams to clinch their spot. With the highest team rating of the qualifier, 1.22, and a 2-1 victory over NiP, OG was one of the first teams to qualify.

Their new roster, completed by nexa after their trade with G2, seems to be excelling so far this year. The mixed-European lineup ended up all in the positives after the six games this qualifier, including their games last week where they went 3-0 with a win against MIBR and two wins against Astralis.

18-year-old flameZ was a standout, with a 1.27 rating in the six maps OG played.

Vitality also performed well after questionable performances last week where they barely beat FaZe once and then lost to them later in the same day. This week, when it actually mattered, Vitality 2-0d the struggling MIBR and 2-1d G2.

ZyWoo, last year’s second-best player in the world, continued to show top form with a combined 97-62 record over the five maps but this time he had help from his teammates.

dupreeh and Apex also recorded positive KDAs for the weekend, a welcome change from their struggles against FaZe in the earlier stage of the qualifiers.

FaZe, meanwhile, claimed a win over BIG clan that cemented their status as a team to keep an eye on despite their difficulties finishing maps early in the qualifiers. It was good to see broky perform, but seeing both rain and Twistzz in the negatives for that series should still make FaZe fans nervous.

As for the favorites, well...NaVi lost to NIP and Astralis lost to BIG so, gotta love the return to online CS. Two of the favorites of CS:GO ended up having to play on Sunday, looking for one last chance to make it to the finals.

February 6, 2022

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