Oh gosh, is that the time?

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH.


Oh, sorry, we didn't see you there. Were we supposed to be somewhere?

We all know that feeling. Most of us set alarms when we need to wake up, some of us then wake up before the alarm worrying that the alarm hasn't gone off and now we're late for the flight, and then roll over and check the time and it's 6AM.

Your alarm doesn't go off until... sorry, 5PM?

How... how are you asleep at 5PM? We're not sure, even as people who sometimes wake up in the afternoon. It seems Triumph player (or perhaps soon to be ex-player?) xCeed managed to sleep through an official game start time, and as such Triumph had to forfeit.

Sleeping. When the game starts. At 5PM.

It seems he was awake and... busy earlier in the day, and just wanted a nap before the game. Hell, maybe there's something up with him and we shouldn't be too mean.

But like... come on, NA. We want to take you guys seriously, but you make it really hard. This game matters for going to the bloody Major. Apparently it's still possible, even with the substitution, but realistically we have no idea.


Speaking of being asleep for Counter-Strike games, 00Nation have been sleepwalking at IEM Fall. The super-hyped Brazilians are 0-4 and going home - weirdly, they were better when they had no plan.

The other big surprise has been EXTREMUM, and BnTeT. They're actually winning games, and BnTeT is looking spicy once again - which is cool to see. We love it when BnTeT is good, and seeing Bleh happy warms our heart a bit. It doesn't happen that much when it comes to Asian CS.

October 7, 2021

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