Old school is cool(?)

Gijs Verhoeff
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👴 Back in our day…

  • We knew the Rio Major was going to be amazing already, but this vintage CS:GO clash has us all giddy with anticipation.
  • Pimp seems to think Danish CS is doing good right now. Luckily HUNDEN and Bubzkji - icons of the thriving Danish scene - were there to set things straight.
  • Pimp also seems to think f0rest would do well in the current CSGO scene. You good, Pimp?

👍 Deserved tbh

  • Hax0rs and xiters beware, your accounts aren’t safe anymore - wave after wave, we’ll flush you out eventually.
  • Let’s be honest mertz, you blew your shot and now’s the time to redeem yourself. So go do it.
  • k0nfig called out Jaxon last time out for rumours that were ‘mostly BS’, but now confirms that he was fighting other people. Oops!

📜 Not our style, but worth a looksie

  • Finally, fnatic are back at the Major. Our frenemies over at HLTV took this opportunity to dive deep on the new roster. The wall of text is worth reading, trust us.
  • Outsiders by name and by nature, but they’re at the Major. Our frenemies over at HLTV- wait, we already said that. They did another deep dive? And we’re recommending it as well? Damn.
October 20, 2022

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