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Elliott Griffiths
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Source: Epicenter

We all love olofmeister. He's a legend of the game, without a shadow of a doubt. But look, man - it's got to be time for him to retire. karrigan is on his way back to FaZe, and olof is nowhere near the player he once was.

Maybe he could find another team - we hear Dignitas might like an old Swede or two. He himself hasn't made his mind up - which means he might just be thinking about retiring.

With BLAST coming round the corner, and the relative fresh blood of Twistzz coming up, hopes weren't high. Yes, Twistzz was debuting against Liquid, which was super hype - but it was on a dying roster. Could Twistzz 1v5 the game?

The day of reckoning comes.

Wake up.

Grab a brush put on a little make-up "Oh boy I can't wait to watch Twistzz take on his old team today! 2PM start, correct?"

Checks watch.

"Oh, is that the time? Already?"

That's right boys and girls, it's 2015 all over again.

Liquid got smacked around not once, but twice, by olofmeister and friends. olof himself went +26 over TL in the rematch, completely overshadowing Twistzz' first games as a FaZe player.

We all thought Twistzz would be showing olof the new way to play - but it turns out, the old dog was the one who had some tricks up his sleeve. Do dogs have sleeves?

We'll ignore him going negative against NaVi for now, because it's s1mple. olofmeister is goddamn back, and even if YNk has a point, we won't allow these negative Nathans to stop us believing that the king is back.

In the final game of the group, he and FaZe once again got pounded by s1mple. But then, what is a king to a god?

February 14, 2021

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