"On the gear, he is"

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Starladder

Somewhere in Canada, Dan M is rubbing his grubby hands together.

"A disturbance in the force, there is" he mumbles to himself. He boots up his old green screen and logs in to the Jedi council (via hologram) for one last time.

"Dear /r/VacSucks..."

Although, given Dan M himself was VAC banned, we suppose that makes him more of the Anakin Skywalker of the story. Darth VACer. Sorry. Not really.

We knew this day was coming - of course someone on fnatic was going to get VAC banned eventually. I mean, we've all seen those flusha clips, and for god sake, the guy is called Senor VAC.

Wait, KRiMZ was the one banned?

He claims it was all a load of Sith, and signs point to esportal being the ones who are making him look bad. But the fact remains that KRiMZ VAC ban, HLTV confirmed. At least for now.

KRiMZ might be unable to play at Flashpoint if nothing is resolved quickly, which would be a crying shame if he is innocent. Which, we have to believe he is. Either that, or flusha has been giving him some 'tips' on how to improve his 'gamesense'.

VAC bans are a double-edged sword - on one hand, they're not handed out enough to real cheaters, and on the other, they're handed out too much to people who might be innocent.

Did we set up that sentence to mention 'double-edged sword' as a reference to Darth Maul's lightsaber?

Is Dan M slightly off his box?

November 29, 2020

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