Once more Into the Breach

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Images from Into The Breach.

Better late than never. Just like the Americans in World War Two.

CSGO might be about to come to an end - not because of CS2, but because Englishmen might be good at it. The world is ending, the sky is falling, and Counter-Strike is collapsing.

If it wasn’t enough for fnatic to go 3-0 after beating B8, led by Brummie mezii, they’ll be joined by Into the Breach and an Englishman coaching GamerLegion. Which is a stretch, but not as much as Americans trying to claim FURIA, so shut up.

fnatic romped into Legends with a comfortable 3-0, but Into the Breach had to grind a little bit. Handed a tough tie in game one vs NAVI, ITB were impressive albeit in a close double OT loss.

They came closer to taking a map off of them than FaZe did, anyway.

They clapped Sprout and ground out an impressive win against Virtus.pro, though in hindsight… well, it’s not quite as impressive. For a team of their stature, though, it’s a great win, as is cleaning Sprout out so convincingly.

They were then tasked with B8, who’d already lost to fnatic, and stole Ancient from the Ukrainians with a superb T side - but after squandering five match points on Mirage, it felt like their chance might have passed them by.

Fortunately for them, they happen to be Vertigo savants. B8 were blown back, and ITB made history.

They’ll be joined in Paris - but not in a Legends’ Stage spot - by GamerLegion. Due to some weird seeding black magic, ITB were given Legends, but GamerLegion had to face BNE for a spot. And lost.

They didn’t lose much else, mind. After an opening round loss to Apeks, Gamerlegion slapped OG and toppled 1WIN, leaving them up against Falcons wearing some plot armour.

Not enough of it, though. siuhy’s stock continues to rise as he led from the front - literally - with a boatload of entry kills and a chart-topping performance. He, once again, has led a team to a Major with players few would ever have thought capable.

All of them had a key part to play, and GamerLegion once more look like a team you’d like to avoid.

April 9, 2023

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