One in five for NaVi

Gijs Verhoeff
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Anyways, enough marketing, let's get to the CIS RMR.

Or "The s1mple show*"*, as most CIS events are named these days.

The GOAT got 27 kills in the first 15 rounds on Dust 2 against Gambit in the Grand Final, and in 12 of those rounds he got a multi-kill. He ended up with 42 kills in 25 rounds(!) on the map. Madness.

NaVi, who had lost 5 consecutive games to Gambit prior to the final, managed to string two wins together, as B1T came through on the fourth map with a monster performance, before the whole thing was decided on Inferno.

Usually, NaVi wins when s1mple carries. Which he didn't.

On the other hand Gambit just wins. Prior to the Grand Final of the CIS RMR tournament, they had won 15 games in a row, with 5 of those being against NaVi. We guess NaVi should've agreed on a stop-word before engaging in S&M.

But this time, electronic wanted it differently and through some clutch 2nd half rounds, NaVi ground out a 3-2 win.

With the victory, NaVi solidify their position as the #1 team on the CIS RMR standings, while Spirit is 2nd, just in front of Gambit. Virtus Pro meanwhile needs to outplace forZe by 850 points in the last event, to not miss the Stockholm Major.

CIS RMR Standings after StarLadder

  1. 3680 - NaVi
  2. 3530 - Spirit
  3. 3475 - Gambit
  4. 2575 - K23
  5. 2450 - forZe
  6. 1600 - VP

Alright, now for DH Open North America.

DreamHack Open North America June 2021 - try fitting that on a billboard - was won by **Extra Salt. Which nets them a qualification to IEM North America Play-In later this Fall, and $30,000.

O Plano, who were supposed to be the next big thing in Brazil, got a cute little second place, but apparently doesn't plan to ever get out of mediocrity.

paiN and Party Astronauts (we don't know either) took third and fourth, while GODSENT are yet to do anything spectacular after picking up TACO and felps. But oh well $2,500 for 5th is something we guess.

July 4, 2021

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