Orgless lose Rio spot and roster to VALORANT

Elliott Griffiths
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The Road to Rio became more like a Road to Rio(t Games) for Orgless, who bizarrely disbanded, giving up their potential Major spot, after being unable to find an org to represent for so long.

Despite seemingly being on an upwards trajectory, performing decently well at FLASHPOINT and making it into the top 50 on HLTV, the team has decided to completely shut down and try something new.

Eventually, the lack of salaries has made it too hard for the team to continue playing CSGO.

Rumours suggest that many of the team might attempt to go pro in VALORANT, which for those of you living under a rock, is Riot Games' attempt at ripping off a successful Valve game for the second time.

IGL FNS has been tweeting about the game, and could soon join fellow NA former pros ShahZam and SicK in trying out the new game. It's hard to blame them - Complexity owner Jason Lake reckons the numbers involved are eye-watering. The game isn't even released. Calm down everyone.

April 30, 2020

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