oSee, North America’s Savior?

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Finally, finally, finally, oSee has arrived at ESL Pro League.

It would be easy to think that he arrived several weeks ago, but that would be a lie. Clearly, looking at his statistics for this tournament, he only just showed up for the semifinals.

In both their quarterfinal versus MOUZ and their semifinal versus Cloud 9, oSee was the kind of player that every NA fan has been begging him to be.

He topped the scoreboard versus C9 with a 1.18 rating and a fantastic performance on the deciding Dust2, to help Liquid sneak into the Grand Finals. He even got an AWP Ace.

On the other side of the bracket, Vitality had quite the weekend so far. ZywOo, who had a couple of fantastic games of his own, shot a 1.37 rating en route to their 2-0 victory against Outsiders.

The French prodigy was even more impactful against G2. Despite a strong performance from m0NSEY, the mixed European squad generally fell flat.

Three members of Vitality, Spinx, Magisk, and ZywOo, ended the series with over a 1.3 rating in their dismantling of G2, more than making up for the other dupreeh and apEX’s struggles.

It’s been a great tournament for Vitality; Spinx, their newest addition, has been in the positives rating-wise throughout the tournament while ZywOo currently tops the event’s individual leaderboards.

That is a huge improvement over what we saw from them in the first half of the year and hopefully, they’ll keep this form up for the Major.

Cloud9’s performance, on the other hand, is one they’d probably like to improve on. They did manage to beat FaZe, the number one team in the world, thanks to what might be the best series of Ax1Le’s career.

He ended the series with a 106 ADR and over a 1.5 rating in that series, a performance that sadly he didn’t replicate against Liquid.

After over a month, there is just one series left in ESL Pro League (though of course, it is a best of five)…

October 2, 2022

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