oskar fires a shot, for some reason

Elliott Griffiths
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For a man who hasn’t been anywhere near the top level for about four years, oskar sure talks a lot.

A week after his HLTV interview where he talked about wasting a year of his life - even though it was his choice to leave SINNERS for TITANS - he’s given another interview talking about the time there.

We’re not saying that suggesting MSL is ‘stuck in the past’ is entirely unfair, it’s just very much a case of the pot calling the kettle black. We knew MSL was stuck in the past when he relied on oskar to be a star AWPer, to be fair mate.

Apparently, MSL ‘didn’t understand’ that he had aggressive players on his team, and wanted to call set strats all the time. Now, we’re not the most intelligent, knowledgeable people in the world but oskar mate, what were you expecting?

MSL is famous for this. It’s the only thing people know about him.

It’d be like signing Cristiano Ronaldo and expecting him to be respectful and happy to come off the bench.

In fairness, we can’t blame oskar too much for being a bit salty. TITANS didn’t really pay him for seven months, and it can’t be easy to stay motivated. Luckily for him, he’s re-found home.

The prodigal son is now back at SINNERS, where he will hopefully get paid. Quite fitting that oskar called it a waste of a year just to end up back where he started; it truly was a waste of a year.

But one that oskar brought upon himself when he chose to leave a promising young team to join a guy he said was stuck in the past.

Hard to feel too much sympathy, isn’t it.

November 24, 2022

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