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Sebastian Lalic
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The drama never stops in CS:GO and this time it’s in TITAN-ic proportions.

The Czech veteran, oskar, has spent most of his unfruitful 2022 at TITANS. An organisation that’s had so many names it looks like a list of teams Maikelele’s played for.

Before joining TITANS, oskar played for the promising SINNERS team, with the now OG star NEOFRAG as his teammate. The young team was one of the rising forces in tier 2 but for some reason, oskar left. Later, it came out that the reason was a bigger paycheck, according to Striker.

Unfortunately for oskar though, it looks like there won’t be any paycheck at all.

Former TITANS player Nodios went on Bootcamp, a Danish CSGO podcast, to talk about his contract situation. The organisation allegedly refused to pay him ~4,700 EUR, citing empty coffers. Is that how contracts work?

To make matters worse, the amount was already reduced from the originally agreed ~10,000 EUR due to Nodios terminating his deal.

Whether or not oskar is also owed money by TITANS is unclear but it seems to be the case. He took to twitter to call the organisation a clown show, whine about how he wasted a year and saying he left due to contract terms not being met.

oskar is the second player to leave the roster, following MSL back in late October. But players like supra, suNny, sergej, and coach lmbt are all still trapped under contract. Which begs the question, who’s next to go?

All we know is that the drama is only getting started. grabs popcorn

November 17, 2022

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