Out of the Flames, but not burnt out

Gijs Verhoeff
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🔥 Bringing the heat

  • It’s funny to think that 4/5 former CPH Flames landed on their feet in their new teams and were in the playoffs for ESL Pro League.
  • Pala really wasn’t pulling any punches when it came to his Pro League pickem. We’ll know whose advice not to take once the Major comes round, Pala.
  • We don’t know what Grim had for breakfast but he’s been on fire recently.
  • Ever wondered what it sounds like to go 10-0 in EPL? G2 has you covered.

🤨 It’s not that s1mple

  • The s1mple vs ESL saga continues as ESL try to nerf the superstar by giving him lag.
  • Apparently, NAVI and GGBET’s ties aren’t as clean as people thought. It might be time to lawyer up NAVI…

🤓 Nerd alert

  • Quick update on Source 2: there might not be many updates. Gabe Follower probably won’t be able to follow much more of the devs’ work now that they’ve deleted his way in.
  • But before he got shut out, he did give us some more juice to overthink about.
  • m1cks gave us a little insight into big boy CS strats between BIG and FaZe.
September 29, 2022

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