Perfect World Asia League hits playoff

Gijs Verhoeff
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The PAL Fall tournament - which we've been told actually isn't a friendship contest, but a Counter-Strike competition - has ended their group stage, with two clear winners at the top: TYLOO and ViCi. How surprising.

The former went 8-1 in the group stage, and the latter matched their wins and losses with TIGER, erkaSt's team - you know that one that almost saw smooya and Snappi join - with both going 6-3, only outdoing the Mongols on round differential. Invictus Gaming also followed suit, but got placed fourth by the count of rounds.

The playoffees - we know that's not word but we're just going to pretend like it is - were completed by another Mongolian team, CHECKMATE, and the Filipino team Bren Esports.

Now a very sensible reaction to this short piece might be "Mr TLDR, why are you making us read about Asian CS, isn't it very boring?" and you would be absolutely wrong. Asian CS is bonkers. And**,** this tournament does decide who gets RMR points and who doesn't, and as of writing this piece there's only about a 500 point difference between ViCi and TYLOO, meaning it could still get interesting. Hopefully.

October 4, 2020

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