PGL on BLAST’s hometurf

Sebastian Lalic
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Source: PGL

A major in the Royal Arena? Hosted by PGL, not BLAST? On CS2?

Yes, yes, and yes. All three of those things are correct.

We barely had time to sit on the fact there’s only 1 major this year before PGL came out with this madness. They’re hosting the first CS2 major, which is mad enough, given its PGL. Audio Issues.png But the fact they’re hosting it in the Royal Arena, BLAST’s favourite spot to host Danish Events, is even more insane.

Despite being one of if not the most successful countries in CS:GO, we’ve yet to see a major hosted in Denmark. Probably because the crowd is usually mediocre as soon as a Danish team gets eliminated, and with “a Danish team” we mean Astralis. The good news is, Astralis won’t even qualify, so maybe this time, the crowd won’t be equally sleep-inducing as watching a VP series.

Although, who knows what the state of the pro scene is gonna be like in 2024?

We’d be lying if we said we’re confident about knowing who’ll make it to the CS2 major right now; the game is gonna change a lot. We’ll see the util meta change heavily until then, and who knows what else will change before release.

Okay, we are confident about one thing: Astralis ain’t qualifying.

March 30, 2023

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