Players to Play at the Major?

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Well, we might be seeing Players at the Major.

In a short-but-concise statement, something VP might do well to mimic in the future, PGL noted the “appalling” situation in Ukraine in a statement that went on to address what would happen with governmentally-connected Russian organizations in the RMR and the Major, which is due to start in less than a month.

PGL announced over the weekend that, in a step similar to what ESL did for Pro League, the organization VP and Gambit will not be allowed to be represented at the upcoming Major due to both organizations’ “connections to the Russian government.”

However, also similarly to ESL, the players who are in those organizations will be allowed to compete under a neutral name and logo.

Given the teams already gave both rosters permission to play Pro League under a different name, it seems likely that they will also allow their players to compete in the Major, although neither team has commented on the ban or addressed what will happen with their rosters.

VP’s roster is meant to play in the A side of the European RMR, starting in just a week, while Gambit’s is meant to play in the B side that starts in just under two.

That’s not a ton of time for either organization to decide what to do though, given recent events, PGL’s decision should hardly come as a surprise.

April 10, 2022

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