Pour one out for Astralis

Elliott Griffiths
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What do FaZe, NAVI, Players, and FURIA all have in common?

One side of the bracket.

Say a little prayer for Entropiq and Astralis, who have the misfortune of being drawn on that half, while the other half of the bracket is a bit nicer.

Hell, the winner of fnatic vs ENCE plays vs Movistar Riders. If FaZe beat Players then they also have to beat NAVI. That’s pretty unfortunate.

Heroic and Liquid are up first, with the winner (Heroic, let’s be honest) duking it out with NIP. One of those three is a semi-finalist. Same with fnatic, ENCE, and Movistar.

Entropiq meet Astralis, with FURIA awaiting them — one of those is in the semis — while only one of FaZe, NAVI, and Players will be. That’s a hard ‘XD’.

Still - it’s more Counter-Strike for us to watch. NAVI look back to their best, and FURIA have been absolutely filthy so far. NIP look genuinely pretty scary, and we’d love Movistar to keep up this form.

If there was ever a time for Movistar to make it to a Grand Final, it’s now.

And at least we have some banger games before the Final. NAVI vs Players/FaZe in a quarter-final? FURIA vs NAVI as a potential semi-final? fnatic vs ENC- alright, never mind. But you get the point.

April 3, 2022

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