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Gijs Verhoeff
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👽 Unusual news(bearers)

  • French President Emmanuel Macron was the one to announce the BLAST Paris Major, of all people.
  • It looks like Katowice 2023 might not be as stacked as we’d hope, as Poland has banned the entry of all Russians come September 19th. Sometimes geopolitics takes over…

👶🐭🤖 A noob, a mouse, and a cheater walk into a bar

👀 Stories that’ll keep you reading

  • Looks like REZ is picking up the big green for the Ninjas. Going for those easy kills, are we?
  • Apparently, degster is less good of a listener than w0nderful. One’s as free as a bird, the other is a system player?
  • mhL has seemingly already found his next home, as CRUC1AL sees himself taken off the Endpoint roster.
  • Captain Canellas makes his return to Counter-Strike, and we all have to read about his very heroic reappearance.
September 11, 2022

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