Pro League is back!

Elliott Griffiths
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Ladies and gentlemen. Counter-Strike is back.

Kills. Headshots. NaVi running out of time. NA going out in the first round. SPUNJ getting wound up by random Twitch chatters or Twitter... tweeters. OG disappointing everyone. s1mple breaking records you didn't even know existed.

It's all back. Today.

Although, to be fair, Heroic vs Bad News Bears might be a bit of dry start. Unless you're a copium-inhaling American who actually thinks BNB might win, in which case you won't even be awake to see it.

At least after that we get to see ZywOo make ENCE look like a tier three American team. Well, probably. You see, the thing is that ENCE have actually been quite good recently; since hades and Spinx have rocked up in Finland, they've been a solid team.

Vitality have been dodgy for a little while, so there's a chance of an upset at least. Speaking of, the day ends with a wild one. Team Spirit and Astralis face off, in potentially the most unpredictable game ever.

This could easily be a 2-0 either way; we've got no idea who's playing for Astralis and even if we did, we've no idea if they'll be better than Spirit. But then, we don't even know if Spirit are any good anymore, and they don't either.

Spirit could be better than Astralis, and nobody on Earth would tell you if that meant they were a top quality team, and vice versa.

Should be fun, though.

August 15, 2021

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