Profit? In this economy?

Elliott Griffiths
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Copenhagen Flames made a $6500 profit in 2021.

Now, your first thought is probably “only $6500 KEKW”, but your second should then be “wait, profit?”.

Yeah, an esports org running a profit. That’s like Brad Pitt dating someone out of his league, or an American intellectual. It just doesn’t sound right. It’s oxymoronic. The whole point of esports is to lose money; or at least, it seems that way.

And we’re not just pulling that out of our arse. Astralis lost $8m in 2020, for example, and teams like North couldn’t even be kept afloat by football money.

This is also before the sale of three members of the roster with one other supposedly in the works, which will obviously count in the books this year or next. They actually might be the only ones who are making money.

Everyone else is doing it wrong. If you ain’t winning, and you’re losing money, you should probably pick one.

And it’s probably easier to be Copenhagen Flames than NaVi. Unless, you’re NaVi,

Admittedly, according to Forbes, a bunch of the top organisations are worth up to $540m. So you could just sell up and live off the fortune and let someone else deal with the debt.

In theory.

In practice, selling a roster is hard enough, never mind the whole org. Isn’t that right, Copenhagen Flames?

July 10, 2022

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