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Sebastian Lalic
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Illustration by ANDYJ. Source: NaToSaphiX, kRYSTAL

Despite playing together from the start of the year, undefined has finally “gone public”.

In December, IGL AcilioN released a statement saying an organisation had pulled out of signing the undefined boys at the very last second. Since then, they’ve been playing unsalaried on their mix team trying to qualify for any event they could. Most recently they’ve made it into the online CCT South Europe Series 3, their first showing at a non-qualifying event.

This may be why the team has decided to “go public” AKA talk to the press.

NaToSaphiX’s tweet was the first announcement of their willingness to talk to anyone who’ll listen. Along with that, he tweeted the team's roster. Including ex-EC Brugge hard carry ritchiEE who’ll look to bring the fragging to undefined.

Another interesting addition to the team is kRYSTAL in his first coaching role. kRYSTAL used to be a low-fragging IGL lauded for his ability to make a team. All of that should bode well for his transition into coaching. Can’t bottom frag if you’re not fragging at all.

Much like their name, this team's future is undefined. Who knows what they can achieve, kRYSTAL has the ability to develop players and teams. Realistically, they won't win much or be tier 1 contenders; But if any of the players can launch their careers (again) they’ll consider it a success.

Undefined consists of:

  • AcilioN (IGL)
  • NaToSaphiX (AWP)
  • Bibu
  • JedqrC (stand-in)
  • ritchiEE
  • kRYSTAL (coach)
February 23, 2023

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