Punching down

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

They say you shouldn’t kick a man while he’s down.

But when he’s dead and buried in the ground? Well, it’s time to go ham.

The CSPPA are trying to sue FLASHPOINT (or more accurately, B Site) for not sharing the correct amount of revenue with the players and orgs as they stated they would.

The elephant-brained among some drama between the two parties before, with FLASHPOINT withholding money because of a sponsorship issue and yada yada. Honestly, we tried to read more about it but we just couldn’t actually care any less if we tried.

The point is, FLASHPOINT already had issues with the CSPPA when it came to payment.

This time, it seems the CSPPA have a real case; if FLASHPOINT have breached a contract then it seems they might be fine to take them to court.

The only issue is; B Site barely exists anymore. All the directors have buggered off, the company does absolutely nothing, and they certainly don’t have much revenue to share.

They did promise a minimum payment to orgs, though, that it seems they haven’t fulfilled. We’re not lawyers - thankfully - but it seems that might put B Site in hot water.

This is the most the B Site has been under attack since karrigan had eight seconds left to go in the Bost-

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

June 26, 2022

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