Putting the junior in Neymar Jr

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Furia

How do you fix NA CS?

The answer has been staring at us for ages: come to Brazil.

junior took a leap of faith, going from the North America continent to the South, but while the rest of the T2 NA scene withered off and died, junior has a chance to thrive in a more exciting, more alive team.

HLTV gave a run-down of his career so far, speaking to previous teammates and the guy himself, but ain't nobody got time for reading all that. The only quote you need to read is this: "If s1mple has 110 hours, I'll have 111”.

That sort of work ethic is an absolute dream for coaches and in-game leaders, but less of a dream for girlfriends and boyfriends. Uh, so we've heard.

It's unique to see an American player talk about the dangers of pugging too much and wanting to learn how to play in a team, and that's the sort of mentality that allows junior to transcend NA and force FURIA to switch to English just to have him.

He credits Shakezullah for 'teaching him how to play CS the correct way', which is quite funny, because arT is about to teach him how not to play it.

junior has started life on fire with FURIA, smacking NIP and FaZe around and holding his own against s1mple, which given the fact that it is a new roster and speaking a new language, is damn impressive.

Not to mention, he's an NA player, so overcoming that barrier is always impressive.

February 21, 2021

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