Putting the loss in Carlos

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by NovaH Source: Red bull

We’re not going to lie, we’ve had our fair share of crazy parties with one too many shots, and before you know it you’re ding-dong ditching that rowdy neighbour of yours at 3AM. We’re sorry Mr. Smith.

But we never associated ourselves with known misogynists and doubled down on it as well.

This weekend Carlos Ocelote, CEO of G2, got into major trouble - and not just with his parents for getting home late. He posted a video of himself having some fun times with the Tate brothers who have been breaking the internet recently. They are some controversial figures, to say the least.

After being called out for his poor choice of party-crew, Carlos doubled down and said he’ll “party with whoever the f- he wants” which we guess is true.

But for pretty much everyone in the esports scene Carlos = G2 which means G2 = Carlos. And that creates a pretty bad look for the org when their CEO is seen associating with such divisive people as the Tates.

So G2 kind of went “hey Carlos, maybe don’t do that”, and now he’s temporarily out of his job (with no pay) for the next eight weeks.

Carlos followed up with an apology post which would probably win the Pulitzer in the category for ‘Best PR-sent-me-an-excuse-letter-to-post-after-I-f*cked-up writing’, if that category existed.

All in all, it’s incredibly saddening to see single poor decision ruin someone who seemed like a cool guy. We hope Carlos takes home a big fat lesson and comes back better in two months.

Just focus on Gamers Two (TM), Mr Ocelote.

September 23, 2022

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